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Modular pictures in the house - the ability to manage space (25 photos)


Most modern people prefer the original and unique interior. The usual picture on the wall seems mundane and familiar. I would like to see something new, fresh and modern, such as stylish modular paintings, made with regard to even the most demanding viewers.



Today, modular paintings, consisting of several segments, have become quite a popular element for the decoration of interiors, not only apartments, but also offices, restaurants, etc. They owe their popularity to the fact that looking at them creates the illusion of a transition, a smooth flow from one module to another. And it doesn't matter at all whether it is small or large modular pictures, they firmly catch the eye of the person.

It is known that diptychs and triptychs could be found quite often in ancient painting. They, as a rule, were written by order of the churches and consisted of two or three independent paintings that united a single religious story. The works were interconnected and framed with a baguette.



Unlike antiquity, today beautiful modular pictures are, as a rule, one ensemble, divided into several segments, sometimes of different sizes.

Interestingly, the types of modular paintings are distinguished by their diversity. Therefore, today they are an original, always non-standard solution of interior design, giving the latter the necessary completeness.



Key Features

As mentioned above, modular paintings on the wall are a very promising alternative to ordinary paintings. Acquire such interior decoration, according to many designers, due to their originality and unusual decorative qualities. They are fairly simple to use, so the consumer does not have difficulty with the task of how to hang modular pictures in the house or in the office.



Today you can find modular paintings in the interior of a bedroom or living room. And it is not at all accidental, because these works of decor are produced in various sizes and with different number of segments. In addition, the orientation of the modules themselves is also different - vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Also there are modular paintings from 3 parts or modular paintings from 5 parts.

Modular pictures consist of the following components:

  • The number of segments: diptych, triptych, polyptych.
  • Themes: any from abstraction to portraits;
  • Executions: press, oils, imitations;
  • Materials of manufacture: canvas on a stretcher, glass, wood, iron, paper, etc.

It should be noted that the most common execution is the print on the canvas, made with a stretch on the frame. Frame such a picture is not needed, because the canvas is bent on the sides and attached behind. This option is the most profitable and durable.



What is the originality of the modular paintings?

The answer to this question is simple. By purchasing such interior decoration, you, for example, will never have a question, how to hang a modular picture? And if more, then the modular picture is a convenience, control perception of space and originality.



Let's lay out all these advantages on the shelves. You know that making a big picture is quite a challenge. Even if you are lucky enough to order a large canvas, then you immediately have a problem with its transportation, and then with storage. In our case, you can easily "fold" the picture and transport it where you need it. Such works are very light, they can even be hung on velcro. In addition, by hanging modular pictures in the living room interior, above the sofa, for example, you can adjust the distance between segments, independently influencing the perception of the work.



Due to the division into several parts, the modular picture will allow to set a dynamic rhythm in the room. This way you can organize the space correctly. As for the small room, white modular pictures will help to expand it a little visually. Thanks to this canvas, you can visually enlarge the wall, add depth to the interior, or simply decorate the empty space with taste.

Well, as far as originality is concerned, we all know how difficult it is to surprise anyone today. Even if we are talking about this work of art. The modular picture is a bright drop of the interior, aimed at arranging its coziness and comfort. It gives the room a special stability, turning into its visual center.



How to choose a modular picture?

Today, the types of modular paintings differ quite a wide range. To find something truly original for yourself is a pleasant and simple affair. The most important thing is not to break the general style of the interior, depending on its purpose. For example, modular paintings that give landscapes are ideal for living rooms, where, in addition, pictures with flowers or with abstraction will look good. Above the soft corner of the sofa zone, the angular modular paintings made in the Japanese style will elegantly fit.



If you want to turn the picture into the center of universal attention, then you need to make sure that the color of the walls in the room was not striking, preferably monotonous. Thus, you will be able to focus on the picture maximum attention.