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Green curtains in the interior - classic and luxury (28 photos)


Curtains - an important element of the decor. Properly selected shades of fabric help to create a complete image of the interior, give the room a sense of beauty and comfort. Green curtains in the interior look elegant and noble. Green color does not burden, combined with different styles and directions.

The variety of shades of green in the interior

The palette of green shades is unusually wide: from lime to pistachio. The green color is warm and cold, depending on the predominance of orange-yellow or blue tones in it. Cold green tones immerse themselves in the chamber atmosphere of rigor and formality. Warm green shades have a calming effect. They are often chosen for children's bedrooms. Mint, aquamarine shade refreshing. Bottle and olive colors are soothing. The curtains of these shades look great in the office, especially in combination with neutral gray-beige tones.



To make the interior look stylish and spectacular, green curtains must be combined with wallpaper, furniture, interior colors of other colors. There are basic colors, the combination with which is considered harmonious: gray, white, black, beige.

The walls of the muted orange-yellow color in the interior look spectacular in combination with dark green, emerald, beautiful bottle shades of curtains.



Rules for choosing green curtains

Green curtains should be selected based on the following parameters:

  • room dimensions;
  • its illumination;
  • the prevalence of other shades of the interior;
  • design features of the room.

In a room with a large area it is appropriate to hang curtains of dark or bright shades. In a small room, the curtains of calm green shades will look good.



How to choose green curtains for different interiors?

Green curtains harmoniously look in interiors made in different styles and directions.

Emerald, olive, light green organza curtains can be added to the interior, made in classic style. It is appropriate to add ensemble lambrequins, pickups.

The basis of eco-style is green. It goes well with natural materials. The vertical strip on the Roman curtains will not only refresh the interior, but will visually enlarge it.



Provence - rustic style. The design harmoniously looks light green shades. Fabric with a large green print will give the interior vitality and originality. In a rustic style (country), linen curtains of warm, muted tones look good. Curtains of organza Provence form an atmosphere of comfort, tenderness.



The interior in the style of minimalism does not tolerate small details and fussiness. Green curtains should be monotonous, made of thick fabric.

High-tech style is famous for practicality, dynamism, and rigor of forms. In such an interior, it is appropriate to hang green filament curtains that can be decorated with large folds. Fans of experiments can combine fabrics of the same color, but of different textures. It is interesting in this interior look blackout curtains. The curtains on the grommet - the perfect solution for the modern style.

There are design directions in which green is misplaced. These are Baroque, Rococo, Chebbi-chic and some ethnic destinations.

Since the premises in the apartment perform different functions, the curtains for them should be selected based on what the rooms are for and who will live in them.

Children's room includes an area for recreation, games and activities. If the main function of the room is sleep, then it is desirable that the curtains are of a coniferous, emerald green color. These tones are tuned to a calm mood. Green curtains in the nursery are suitable for children suffering from hyperactivity syndrome. Olive shades help to increase the concentration of attention of the baby. If the room is located in the south, you should pick up green curtains made of thick fabric in combination with a translucent organza or blackout curtains.





The main function of the bedroom is sleep. Green color has to relax and rest as well as possible. Juicy orange-yellow, red shades are not suitable for bedroom decoration. If the bedroom is made in a classic style, solemnity and pompousness can be added with the help of thick curtains, light organza curtains, curtains with lambrequins. Green curtains in the bedroom should be made of opaque fabric to ensure proper sleep. A great option - blackout curtains. It is appropriate to look in the bedroom roman shades of malachite shades. Interesting design notes can be made by hanging in the room combo curtains. An unusual effect is achieved by combining several fabrics and textures. Eyelet curtains are a good option for a bedroom. Silicone mounts allow you to straighten the fabric silently.



Green curtains in the living room should be selected, taking into account the tone in which the room is made. It is recommended to make walls, floor and ceiling light, this method allows visually increasing the size of the room, creating an atmosphere of spaciousness and lightness. Roman curtains in the hall can be combined with thick night curtains.



Green combined curtains - the trend of the current season. In a fashion still a direct cut with falling folds. Green curtains can give additional aesthetics to the room, emphasize the unique design.