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The ceiling in the hallway: make out the space above your head (26 photos)


The hallway creates the first impression of a house or city apartment, for this reason, special attention is paid to the room during interior work. Start repair and implementation of design innovations is from the ceiling. Property owners can choose a practical solution in the form of a suspended ceiling or install a mirrored ceiling to visually enlarge a small room. How to make a ceiling in the hallway - interior options may be different, as well as the materials used.




Basic ceiling design options

A beautiful ceiling in the hallway can be created using classic and modern materials. Can be used:

  • drywall;
  • batten ceilings;
  • PVC panels;
  • stretch ceiling;
  • dropped ceilings;
  • ceiling tiles;
  • finishing plasters and interior paint.

An additional effect creates a competent lighting of the ceiling in the hallway, for this can be used not only a luxurious chandelier, but also spotlights. The choice of material depends on the height of the room and the layout of the room.




Stretch ceilings in the hallway

The most popular finish today are stretch ceilings in the hallway, which can be installed both in the Khrushchev and in a modern multi-level cottage. Due to the small width of the frame, they can be installed in a room with a small height.

An assortment of matte, glossy ceilings, monochrome collections and with an original pattern. You can create a two-level ceiling from PVC film or restrict yourself to the usual white matte coating with illuminated spotlights.

Stretch ceiling can have any color that allows you to implement the most daring design ideas. Promotes the popularity of this type of finish affordable price and easy installation. Stretch ceilings can even afford retirees, with little cost, they will transform the hall in the Khrushchev down to unrecognizability. A special effect will give a photo print ceiling for the hallway, today you can choose any theme that will help create a unique atmosphere in this room.



Drywall on the ceiling of the hallway

You can order a gypsum ceiling in the hallway only for an apartment or house with high ceilings. Especially in the case when it comes to bunk structures with lighting. The advantage of the material is the ability to create a complex composition on the ceiling, which will emphasize the stylistic direction of the house interior. These can be complex geometric shapes from GCR, which will give an exclusive character to the hall. At the same time it is necessary that the design of the ceiling in the hallway corresponds to the finish of the ceiling in other rooms.



Suspended systems in the hallway

When the height of the room allows on the ceiling, you can mount suspended systems. Rack ceilings in the hallway of panels created from aluminum or plastic, suspended ceilings with square plates are used. The advantage of these structures is durability, simple maintenance, the ability to hide behind panels in the hallway of communication. An alternative to suspended systems is the ceiling of PVC panels, which are mounted on a frame of timber or metal profile. Among its advantages are affordable price and easy installation. The plastic ceiling serves more than 30 years, is easy to clean, has a wide selection of colors.




The most affordable ceiling finishes

To create suspended ceilings in a narrow hallway is difficult, if at the same time the budget is limited, then you should opt for painting. Acrylic paints with varying degrees of gloss have an attractive price, they are well breathable, and a variety of pigments will allow you to create a blue or black sky on the ceiling. The original solution for ordinary painted ceilings will be the use of beams. They will help to break the ceiling in the hallway into zones, give the room a brutal character.

You can use beams made of natural wood or polyurethane structures. Effective use of beams in the narrow length of the hallways, after installation on the ceiling, they make the room more comfortable.



Original solutions for the ceiling in the hallway

Not only beams can create an original composition on the ceiling that can make an impression. Of great importance is the color of the ceiling in the hallway: classic white surfaces today are out of fashion. The black ceiling is combined with any interior, but it will not expand the visual space. Dark ceilings are rarely used in the interior, pastel shades are more popular. Light brown ceiling creates an atmosphere of home comfort and warmth, turquoise and blue blowing cool. If the corridor is wooden furniture, you can arrange the ceiling in green. It has little effect on spatial effects, creates a neutral atmosphere, blends well with chrome parts and mirrors.



The modern decoration of the ceiling in the hallway has expanded the possibilities of designers by printing photos on PVC film. They offer not only a certain shade of the ceiling, but also whole pictures. However, it is recommended to take less interest in these innovations if it is a small room. Better to leave the ceiling in a small hallway perfectly white, which adds space. An original solution would be to use tension structures with small lamps of low power in the form of points in the hallway. At night, they will create a feeling of the night sky, and in the daytime such a ceiling will not crush by its weight.




Choosing the type of ceiling in the hallway, you must be guided by such important criteria as the height of the room, matching the style of decoration to the interiors in the other rooms. In this case there will be less chance that the hall will not make a proper impression on the guests of the house. Preferring modern materials, you can forget about repairing the ceiling for 10-15 years.